Jordan’s Paleo Journey

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

My Journey started when we met a fantastic family on the Oonnadatta track. The parents Lisa and Morris were a picture of health. At the end of the track we went to the Pink Roadhouse for dinner. Still in my old habits I ordered a burger with the works, chips and a beer. Lisa and Morris had a steak and salad.The following morning I met up with Lisa and she was eating something odd and I asked her what she was doing as she looked so healthy. Her answer was Paleo.

We moved on with Alice Springs our next big town stop. Lisa offered to clean out our Pantry in the van and take Sarah to Woolworth’s to replenish it with Paleo friendly food. We had the most amazing dinner that night that not only looked and tasted incredible it was free of Carbohydrates and processed sugar.

Day 1 on a life time journey to health and energy.

Sarah and I agreed that there was never a better time to get our lives and health back in shape. With hours of driving and free time Sarah became the Paleo queen searching up great meal options.

As a lover of beer this was my greatest challenge. Especially in the middle of Australia and 38 degrees. The thought of a soda water after a long drive didn’t appeal. Lisa said her best solution was to have Vodka, fresh lime and soda. It became the drink of choice. However, there were times where I couldn’t say no to a cold beer off the tap. I did change to low carbohydrate options rather than normal beer when I did drink it.

We started our Paleo journey in May 2015 I was 112kgs, Cholesterol with medication was 9 with poor HDL/LDL ratio. My triglycerides were 5, Blood pressure 140/90. I also suffered from chronic reflux after certain meals.

At the end of our trip January 2016 I was 90kgs, Cholesterol 4.2, Triglycerides 0.8, blood pressure 115/75. To me this has been the real change. I am eating eggs, Ghee, Bacon, etc every day and my health is improving. I have not had reflux since May 2015.

My energy is great and I am starting to get back into fitness.

My advice to anyone thinking about Paleo is that it is not a diet. It is a lifestyle choice and the way you will eat for the rest of your life. It is something that cannot be done part time. i.e. Eating the odd cake, having carbs in your diet etc. The key to all of this is that there are Paleo substitutes for everything. I use to love a toasted sandwich or a burger. Well, the good news is you still can. It is a Paleo roll rather than a normal one.

I love muffins. I have just finished baking blueberry Paleo muffins and they are a great treat with a coffee or tea. On the subject of coffee, I use to have 6 cups a day. I am now down to one almond milk latte a day. I don’t miss it.

The subject of dairy comes up a lot. I do still eat cheese but it is not a regular thing. I try to avoid milk. Family and friends have been interesting. Some think it is a fad (I don’t understand this as it has been over a year). The interesting thing is when we have dinners we cater for Paleo and non Paleo to accommodate friends. A good example is rice versus cauliflower rice. The funny thing is everyone eats the cauliflower rice and loves it.

My closing comments would be if you want to change your life and be able to maintain good health whilst eating some of the most amazing food I have ever had then Paleo may be a great option. Just remember it is not a diet but a way of life.

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