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Caz Knight

I am a Thought Management Specialist


I specialise in working with your Reticular Activating System which is a unique and different approach to managing your life experience.


Did you know that how you EXPERIENCE  Life can always be traced back to a thought.


How are your thoughts dictating how you are experiencing Life?


Could your experience be better in any or all  of the below area’s


Your Mental Health experience

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Sleep

  • Fears

  • Moods

Your Physical Health experience

  • Weight

  • Constant ailments

  • Exercise

  • Headaches

  • Pain

Your Personal & Relationships experience

  • Work relationship

  • Personal relationship

  • Socialising

  • Finances, purchases

  • Motivation

  • Confidence

Your Work /Business life experience

  • Job opportunities

  • Sales

  • Business opportunities

  • Leadership and People

  • Networking

  • Stress at work

  • Achieving target and goals



Master Clinical Hypnotherapy,

Master NLP

Emotion Freedom Technique and Tapping

Personal and Life Success Coach

Diploma Modern Psychology