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A few years ago now I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis during a time in my life where I was probably the fittest I had been.  I was training daily with a view to perform in the Masters competition in Olympic Weightlifting.  The diagnosis hit me for six, I went from fit and healthy to unable to get through the day without needing to sleep for hours at a time.

I was medicated with Prednisolone for 12 months.  The side effects of the drug ravaged my body. I put on 14kgs of weight and due to laxity in pelvic floor ended having to have an hysterectomy. Three years on I am off all medication and in remission.  As Sarcoidosis is an auto-immune condition my aim was to try and decrease as much inflammation in my system as I could.  I adopted a ketogenic diet (this was before it became fashionable) and made small steps to getting my life back.


During my time cooking keto I came across a food product called Sukrin and utilised the sugar substitutes in my cooking.  The product is a sensational way to have some sweet treats and make sauces without the inflammatory effects of cane sugar, honeys and other products normally called for in many recipes.  The product was not easily sources and this led me to bring the brand to Australia myself.  This product is also great for my daughter who is a type 1 diabetic.

From here my business was born! - I now am importing and distributing this brand throughout Australia and NZ.  Just recently I have found another brand that is exceptional as well and have just introduced this into my business.  The Nothing Naughty brand offers more depth to my business and adds additional, exceptional quality goodies to the menu.  It is my intention if I find a great product or a great product is offered to me then I will endeavour to do what I can to get these out to my customers.

My wish is to be the go to person for great quality, trustworthy, healthy options for cooking and baking.

Another aspect of my business is that I coach and train people in functional movement as a way to become fit and healthy. I have a small number of people I help in this regard on a weekly basis. I subscribe to a hands on approach in a safe, inclusive and non-threatening environment. Currently I only take on clients via word of mouth from existing customers, or in some cases desperate plea's to add them the program.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do.  I am a very small business trying to make a difference and succeed in what I do.  I am mum to 2 girls, the eldest is type 1 diabetic and on the Autism spectrum with an anxiety disorder.  The younger one also has some anxiety issues but very active and busy.  Life can be challenging to say the least but I'm happy to be doing what I am doing and putting in the hard yards in to be a good role model for my kids.


I am happy to engage with anyone who wants to talk type 1, spectrum issues or just general chit chat. Talking things out always makes things better.

Rachelle xx

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